Austin TX , Roofing Contractor
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Arturo’s Roofing


What we do

New Roofs
Roof Repairs/Sky Lights
Chimney Repairs
Expert Flashing Repairs
Carpentry/Wood Repairs
Patio Covers
Storage Sheds


Have Questions…We Have Answers

“Arturo’s Exterior Repairs” are a group of experts that not only create repair artistry,
but also specialize in solving the most difficult problems.
Finding cost saving solutions and custom fixes is our specialty.
With 20 years in the construction field and 15 years of trouble-shooting for some of the largest roofing companies
in Central Texas, we have found and repaired a vast variety of the most challenging issues.
Whether we are installing all types of new roofs, re-roofing or repairing your total exterior
needs, you will find us to be courteous, on time and well within your budget.
We welcome all types of opportunities; residential or commercial, large or small.
We will provide you with the same great service and a free estimate.
“It is the knowledge and preparation behind every project that creates the professional results that you deserve.”
Serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities